Goodbye April, Hello May!


for engaged teams changing the world


Orchestrate, hackathon for developing team culture, Haunted House Online, Ibuild, Beat the Box, Focus managment


Tallinn, Narva-Jõesuu, Helsingi, Tartu


nearly 280 participants from six organizations

Teamwork like symphony

We have over 200 different methods for live, online and hybrid events. And there is only one Orchestrate. There are team development solutions that have a wow effect and those that bring long-term benefits. Then are those that are a complete pleasure to carry out and those that are a project management master class. All this is combined in Orchestrate: one of our highlights in May!

Sometimes a client comes to us with a very clear wish. Having a musical background, the representative of the ALSO team knew that Orchestrate was the one and only method for them. Fortunately, both while planning and experiencing it all with their team! In just a few hours, each participant learned to play the violin, viola, cello, trombone or percussions to perform a real masterpiece together. The result was truly impressive! With such an experience behind them, any future challenge will seem less daunting.

Working together

We had another challenge in May: one day, two events in different countries. Fortunately, we already had collaborators for one of them: if Estonian, English and Finnish are everyday languages in the EnterTraining team, events in Russian allow us to cooperate with good partners from our great network. People really are the best part of our job: the teams we can support, our own EnterTrainers and the network we can work with!

Culture hacking

It is especially exciting to work with teams that are highly motivated. We are grateful to our long-term partner, Hype, who invited Tiina-Katrina to mentor LHV’s corporate culture hackathon. Such bursts of inspiration, fresh ideas and passionate people are not commonplace, but we saw a lot of the above in two days!

A ghostly Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th worked out well at EnterTraining: we gathered Katana’s global team in a virtual haunted house, from which only the most determined teams escaped. Fortunately, it was a particularly fierce group, so no one was harmed during their ghostly tour and everyone escaped the haunted house to keep moving towards their goals.

Staying focused

We finished May in Lake Peipsi. Yes, in a lake! Tiina-Katrina had a chance to conduct a focus management workshop for Enterprise Estonia in a room in their Tartu office called Lake Peipsi. Of course a dip in the actual lake was in order later on. While nordic swimming helps some of us stay focused, in the workshop we discussed less extreme options like goal setting and taming our monkey brains.

Of course, in addition to the ongoing events, we also need to prepare the following ones, so we planned and organized our June events as well. But more about them in the next overview! Meanwhile, enjoy your summer and if there are any team events that still need planning, check out our seasonal page for inspiration.

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