Longer training events focus on learning outcomes you wish to develop in your team. Each training can focus on a single topic or a few with methods selected accordingly to enhance an engaging and effective learning process for the participants.


If needed, external experts will be brought in or presenters from the company included, creating a smooth process intertwined with methods and tools of high engagement.

Training events are best served as stand-alone events to foster space and time for participants to focus and grow at their own pace. Nonetheless, team or company dinners and other lighter activities can be included to balance the rapid development.

What are the topics we work with?
  • Teamwork

  • Self management

  • Online collaboration

  • Engaging event design


Kärt Kinnas, CEO at Estonian HR Association

“Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts and practical tools with us. It was a great step forward and there were even some surprising discoveries involved. We are already practicing our new team agreements, e.g. no internal meetings in the mornings and use of a visual cue during focus work. It has already brought great experiences of focusing without distractions.”