Recipe for kindness

Participants connect meaningfully by sharing their strengths and what they’d like to learn in their private and professional life.

Key Outcomes

  • Inspires creativity

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Problem solving

  • Shared experience


Using a limited number of dry and canned food donations, teams come up with a recipe for a delicious 2-course dinner. In the second part, squads compete creating a best recipe that uses all the leftover goods from the first task. Following the event, the food items and recipes are donated to a local food bank. The teams create recipes to help families that struggle to put together a good meal due to lack of inspiration or cooking skills.


Recipe for kindness lets participants help families in need. Solving a meaningful task will better motivate the participants to practice teamwork. The limited amount of ingredients that must be divided among the teams pushes everybody to come up with creative and useable solutions. Participants have fun and do good at the same time. This activity can be also used as a conversation starter about the reality of food poverty and possible ways to help. 

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