Holiday in the office

A team works together to sustainably decorate their office: designing a paper Christmas tree and ornaments out of leftover materials.

Key Outcomes

  • Festive mood

  • ​ Gratitude attitude development​

  • Appreciation of colleagues

  • Sustainability


Each team receives a part of a 2D Christmas tree to decorate. The tree with all its ornaments will remain in the office to create festive spirit. The design in decided collaboratively between all teams to ensure a stylish result for the office. Leftover materials are used to practice sustainability. To earn the materials and guidelines for the ornaments, teams must solve fun and festive tasks. Each participant also creates a Christmas sock with their own name on it to make it easy for team members to share good wishes, nice thoughts and small treats with each other during the festive season. This helps create gratitude and appreciation within the team.


Solving festive challenges and getting creative are great ways to connect and strengthen ties in the team. During the event, both creativity and following precice instructions are needed. Each team member gets to shine showcasing different skills and expertise. All the created ornaments will stay in the office to create festive spirit for as long as desired while reminding everyone of the fun shared experience. Perhaps the biggest benefit is creating the attitude of gratitude and appreciation by inspiring everyone to share nice thoughts and wishes with others. Designing a Christmas sock for everyone gives a format to be kind to colleagues throughout the festive season.

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