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We love to connect with our audience, inspire attendees and help create positive change in our business. We believe that our team-building experiences will help you achieve your desired goals with lasting results. At the same time, let the experiences be fun and engaging! Let’s make your teams even better together!

We can help map expectations, create a meeting plan, connect the right tools to your event goals, make meetings and events more efficient, create engaging experiences for attendees, and organize exciting team days!

Our passion is to support teams in their development. We bring to you all our knowledge and experience in collaboration, meeting design, team development and technical solutions to create a safe and developing environment for your team.

We offer a wide range of tools and unique solutions to create different events according to your desired goals and engage people before, during and after your online events.



Our team development methods

Visual vision

Motivation workshop

Recipe for kindness
Team Tangram
Team design
jõulud kontoris
Holiday in the office

You can find all our awesome online teamwork development methods here!

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What customers say about us
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"The web seminar organized by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce on the topic "Self-management in remote work" was very useful and informative, as it was suddenly necessary to start working from the home office on a daily basis. Tiina-Katrina's long personal experience in doing remote work and her inspiring ability to engage left a very professional impression on the training. It was very good to watch and listen to the trainer online, the speech was very clear. In addition, the organizational side of the training and the technical preliminary information necessary for participation were also very professional. Everything was thought out and worked well. As a large company, where a large part of the staff is doing homework in Swedbank in a special situation, we also had a little extra hope for personal new knowledge - to find a cooperation partner who could also train our employees. Both expectations were fulfilled."

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"Self-management at remote work" workshops in spring 2020"

"Given many new interesting ideas to implement in the future"

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"Self-management at remote work" workshops in spring 2020"

"It's good to be reminded of important things from time to time, to set goals, to motivate, etc. and also to hear something new to expand your horizons"

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