Conference Entertraining

Conference energisers & networking breaks

Conference energisers are usually 10 to 30 minute activities that energise participants and help guide their focus towards upcoming topics. Meaningful networking breaks create possibilities to meet just the right people and make just the right connections. These work equally well for groups of a dozen or several hundreds (or thousands). 

Ideal at the begining of the event and after lunch breaks!

The ideal timing for energisers and networking breaks is either at the start of the event or after a meal. At the beginning of an event, it is crucial to get the participants on the same wavelength. After lunch, managing the energy levels of the audience is key. While the body works away at the food consumed, there is not a lot of oxygen moving to the brain. Without it, our cognitive abilities take a plunge unless we mindfully activate the body.

Sometimes a bit of mingling works better than coffee, especially as most of us find it a bit daunting. With successful networking, however, the perceived value of the event rises along with participant engagement levels!

Participant experience

Often led from stage and utilising technological tools, the aim of these methods is to create a seamless participant experience with true involvement in addition to your brilliant speakers, presenters and other activities at the event.

Some of our clients include: