Effective online presentations workshop

Virtual meetings and online presentations have become the reality for many. During a weird time when travel was not possible, we have learned to make the most of the online world. Or have we? This effective online presentations workshop will help develop the skills needed to really make the most of them.

Key Outcomes

  • Presenting effectively online

  • Technical set up

  • Speaker and topic presentation

  • Participant journey and engagement

how it works

Online meetings tend to wear us out. We call it Zoom fatigue. Even though communicating via technology has its own downsides, it is not always the main culprit. Instead, we should often rename the condition as “bad meeting fatigue”! If you can relate to that title, you know there are many aspects that can make or break a meeting. One of them is how people present themselves and their ideas on screen.

Recognise the low quality video with the speaker giving you a frontline view of their nostrils or their hair? How about hearing every breath of someone with their microphone too close to their nose? In addition to purely technical hacks like positioning your camera at a decent angle, we will also consider how to prepare yourself for a presentation. Yes, body language is a language you can learn. No, a thin stripe suit is never a good idea on screen. And never ever is a long boring monologue justified with all sorts of engagement tools readily available!

learning outcomes

Tips for technical setup

Understanding how your looks influence your message

Valuing preparation and planning even in short meetings

Tools for considering and engaging participants

Finding the best approach in different events and situations

Canadian Embassy in Estonia

"The workshop by Tiina-Katrina helped bring new light to virtual meetings and made me consider both the content and format of a presentation. We also had opportunities to discuss and test the tips we had learned during the workshop."


"Tiina-Katrina Kaber who needs no further introduction in the field teaches us how to make the most of limited resources. The workshop sweeps you along with not a moment of low energy. Tiina-Katrina engages the participants without allowing them to dominate. She has expertly connected fields around communication coming across with passion and know-how. NB! You will leave the workshop with at least one new trick to use regularly. Recommended!"

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