Self-management workshop

Self-management is something we all need, but rarely get any training on. This workshop helps bridge that gap.

Would you like to reach your goals, feel fulfilled in the process, and have a positive impact on the people around you? An effective self-management skillset will help you do all that and more! Using neuroscience and motivational theory, we will delve into deep topics in a very practical way to create both understanding as well as a potential for behavioural change.

Key Outcomes

  • Goal setting

  • Creating frameworks

  • Managing feelings

  • Intrinsic motivation

how it works

The workshop helps participants understand and value the need for goal setting and creating boundaries. Discussing the four pillars of intrinsic motivation as based on self determination theory by Deci and Ryan as well as Daniel H. Pink’s theory from his book “Drive” will lead participants to evaluate where they stand in all four areas. With a list of options to increase all pillars, a lift in motivation is inevitable and will be appreciated as an internal skillset, not external.

Finally, tips and tricks on managing our thoughts brings to the table the best of positive psychology. Understanding the power and responsibility we all have to feel and think better will leave participants inspired to continue their day-to-day lives with more control, better focus and a calmer mind.

learning outcomes

Understanding the values of goal setting

Realising the power of boundaries on mental health and productivity

Skills to improve the 4 pillars of intrinsic motivation

Tips and tricks on managing thoughts and feelings


"Thank you for the great ideas and recommendations as well as keeping a positive tone throughout the event. A great workshop!"

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