Motivation matters

Key Outcomes

  • Finding meaning and setting goals

  • Better connection with ourselves, others and our purpose

  • Mastery and growth

  • The value of autonomy

how it works

Motivation seems a bit of a mystical word – we are hardly sure if we ever understand where it comes from and where does it go. Luckily, there are plenty of people before us who have wondered the same thing and studied it in depth! We combine the research from two acclaimed resources to create our own recipe for motivation. Creating more of the desired flow state while reaching goals is quite possible when following a few key principles. 

Based on different approaches, we have compiled and tested our own recipe for motivation helping to create flow and achieve results. How can we support motivation in a team? We must understand and model behaviour, remove obstacles, and allow team members to find their own balance in four areas: purpose, relatedness, mastery, and autonomy.

In the workshop we cover motivation from both a personal and a scientific point of view: how we are affected by a clear and meaningful goal, mastery and learning opportunities, good contact with others and the ability to make our own decisions or choices. We will view these four aspects from a personal and a team perspective to make the workshop valuable for individuals as well as teams.

learning outcomes

Better understanding of oneself

Stronger collaboration with others

Understanding others

Realising the pillars of intrinsic motivation

Rimi Baltic

"Both the topic and delivery were exciting."

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