Break out bingo

Break out Bingo is a fast-paced networking energizer, where individuals network in order to complete a  virtual Bingo Card.

Break out bingo

Key Outcomes

  • Sense of belonging

  • Team dynamics

  • Networking

  • Inspires creativity and fun

how it works

Participants join a video conferencing tool and download the game app. Players are split into breakout groups where they ask eachother questions from their virtual Bingo Cards. These questions draw out fun facts, career achievements  or intriguing personal accolades. Answers are entered into the interactive app. Any player can  score on any question maintaining a competitive, yet inclusive atmosphere. Shortly participants are sent to a new breakout groups, and the process starts  again. Further rounds see everyone well on  their way to shouting BINGO!

learning outcomes

Break out Bingo is a fun team building session sure  to connect the group from the get-go. Relationships  are essential in all walks of life, and a productive,  highly connected workforce is an incredible asset  to any organisation. Breakout Bingo encourages  people to get to know each other on a personal  level even when they are working from different  locations. Recognising common ground, improving  communication skills and exploring ways to have  fun ‘digitally’ is essential in motivating remote  teams. Gathering info from participants prior to event allows for high engagement from the start!

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