Team Tangram

A fun activity for getting to know team members better and exploring the team dynamics.

Key Outcomes

  • Team dynamics

  • Creative thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Getting to know team members


Tangram puzzles are used to help team members to get to know each other better. The first task is to solve a specific tangram. Participants choose shapes that represent them best. They then share what characteristics in the shape they identify with. The next step of the activity offers a chance to explore team dynamics. Each group is given a task of assembling another tangram. Choosing which piece they represent if the tangram were their team, players discuss how well they fit together and what could be improved.  


The aim of this activity is to help the team members to get to know each other better by reflecting on how everybody sees themselves. Solving tangram puzzles is also a good way to inspire creativity and practice problem solving. The second part of the activity can be used as a starting point for exploring team dynamics and finding ideas to improve teamwork. The uniqueness of this activity comes from combining a logical thinking task with storytelling technique of using metaphors to represent yourself. It can therefore appeal to a larger number of people.    

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