Team design

Teams reflect on the identity of their organization and then visualize it on canvas.

Key Outcomes

  • Understanding values

  • Visual communication

  • Boosts creativity

  • Collaboration


In the beginning, the participants brainstorm and share how they would visualize the values of their team or organization. There is no need for a general consensus, rather it is about sparking new ideas and discovering each other’s perspectives. Then participants are given tools and materials for idea generation to draft a design for their selected values. Every team works on their own canvas(es), but they are encouraged to check how the color scheme and content fit with the other designs. Each canvas has a single pre-drawn shape to achieve a more uniform final look. 


This activity is about conceptualizing company values. It also promotes creativity and gives a sense of accomplishment to the participants. The visualization exercise helps to demonstrate the differences and similarities in the employees’ understanding of the organization’s identity. The finished artwork makes an excellent decoration for the office. A common shape across canvases creates enough similarity to allow otherwise wild ideas in design. This visual reminder of the discussions is a good inspiration for the team to live by their values.   

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