Don’t cancel Christmas! Celebrate from home as a team!

Remote and hybrid teams are a reality in most organisations. The pros and cons of remote work have been studied extensively and results are clear: it takes meaningful effort to keep your remote team thriving. We have collected some ideas about supporting your team through changes here and will concentrate on the power of joint celebrations in this one. Celebrating both successes and challenges is key to a happy team!

Celebrations are important in both in-person and hybrid teams as well as remote teams

Hang on, celebrating challenges? Exactly! Challenges suck and are great at the same time. Challenges nudge us out of comfort zones and, by definition, that feels uncomfortable. We are usually not fans of discomfort. But outside our comfort zone is the only place where growth happens! This is why we use challenges at our teambuilding and development events. Facing an unusual task promotes deep thinking, questioning, choosing, testing, analysing and learning. These are the tools for growth. And growth is great!

Every end or start of a year, birthday or work anniversary provides us with opportunities to think back and analyse what has happened while also setting new goals for the future. Try asking some of these questions:

So we handled the crisis rather well. How so? What contributed to our success? How did we make it happen? What should we learn to be successful in future crises? What should we consider so we could keep our focus and energy when life is smooth sailing?

So Christmas will be remote this year. How shall we celebrate it with our team? We cannot change the situation; what will be our way to make the most of it? What can we learn from this remote celebration? How can we adapt future events to possible remote situations? Perhaps these remote events are not as terrible as we think once we learn to plan and execute them well and find great partners to join the ride!

Tiina-Katrina running a hybrid training on effective online presentations

In the best case scenario learning about events will occur while working with partners in event management, training or teambuilding. At EnterTraining we are focused on supporting teams in their development. Mostly, this means a combination of teambuilding and training (=entertraining) aimed at creating growth and development. Recently, however, the need for trainings and workshops on skills related to events has soared!

With the Estonian Chamber or Commerce and Industry we launched a series of events on effective online presentations. Also, several trainings are ongoing for inhouse trainers to hone their online training skills. Let alone meeting design trainings to learn how to prepare and run effective meetings.

Every now and then, though, a client wants to leave all this learning and development on the backburner for a while and just have some fun! And we certainly appreciate the need to bond over shared laughter and enjoyment while working together in a lighthearted teambuilding event. Humour is often the key to unexpected results even in difficult times!

If you are looking for teambuilding events to help your remote team celebrate this season, have a look here or get in touch at Same applies for in-person and hybrid teams. Don’t let Covid be the Grinch who stole Christmas!

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