Swipe Face House Party

Virtual Party Starter!

Swipe Face House Party

Key Outcomes

  • Team Bonding

  • Networking

  • Rewarding a Team

  • Well Being

how it works

Swipe Face House Party is a jovial remote team building selfie game that will energise remote corporate celebrations. Instantly engaging and easy to grasp, Swipe Face House party is the perfect tool to kick start your seasonal celebration. Once online, our charismatic hosts warm up the virtual crowd, and players enter the game via QR code on their phones (no app download required! ). Then, the energy really begins to build as players upload a series of selfie poses according to creative photographic criteria. Very soon, everybody is pulling faces like ‘Crazy Eyes’ and ‘Tiger Roar’ or scavenging around the house to make their ‘Perfect Party Hat’. With limited time to compose each selfie, the pace is furious, and the output is endlessly entertaining! The gameplay is totally inclusive, and after each round, all players score each other with a ‘Positive Swiping’ technique. As the hilarity subsides, the overall winner is revealed.

learning outcomes

Swipe Face is designed to recreate the humour and connection we all miss during a face-to-face office party. Swipe Face House party allows players to relax and get to know each other on a level. The gameplay encourages a culture of positive support, fun and inclusivity. Resource innovation is a critical component in the game, and the resultant humour helps maintain connections, strengthen company culture and motivate remote teams. The Swipe Face interface can be tailored to your company brand and key messaging on request.

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