Ibuild gets everyone talking, even if the talking is limited to yes-and-no answers! With very clear roles, each team has to recreate an original image on their team boards. When the roles, materials and visuals have twists, it can be quite a challenge to even the most seasoned communicators.

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Key Outcomes

  • Cooperation and collaboration

  • Strategic thinking

  • Communication

  • Project Management

how it works

In this highly engaging activity, the focus falls on interdepartmental communication and collaboration. Participants are split into small groups and assigned a specific role in the communication chain. Every single participant plays a vital role for the success of their team. The goal is to build a model from very simple elements, following the chosen strategy within a limited timeframe. 

learning outcomes

iBuild is a unifying experience with strong outcomes focusing on the importance of language, feedback and creating a step-by-step project strategy. iBuild is a great way of enhancing internal communication skills between different company teams or departments and customer communication.

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