Go Team Wellbeing

Fun engaging team activity for remote teams focused on health & wellness

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Key Outcomes

  • Motivation

  • Mindfulness

  • Managing Change

  • Engagement

how it works

Go Team Wellbeing is a fun engaging team activity specifically designed to assist participants to improve their ability to adapt to frequent change and to create a culture of continuous learning in the workplace.

During the activity, participants complete fun team challenges focused on the theme of wellbeing. Go Team Wellbeing challenges are fun, captivating, and most of all, effective. The tasks are specifically designed to focus on a range of wellbeing topics including practical ideas for a healthy diet that participants generate themselves. posture and movement, connecting with nature and the importance of taking timeout during the day to boost energy levels. The activities come in a variety of styles some passive, some active and can be designed specifically to match the capabilities of your group.

Utilising our award-winning Go Team app, participants can either take part together as a group at your office, conference venue or chosen location outdoors. Go Team Wellbeing is also available for teams who work remotely. In our online version for remote teams, participants are invited to the activity with a QR code and clear instructions on how to download the App and enter the game. Participants connect over video conferencing with larger groups collaborating on activities as a team within breakout groups. Our facilitator will be online to guide participants through the program and walk the group through a debrief as required.

learning outcomes

Now more than ever, we need to keep an open mind, to improve our ability to adapt to change frequently and to create a culture of continuous learning in the workplace. Connectedness, creative business thinking and mental focus and concentration are essential. To develop emotional intelligence, physical and mental health, to boost happiness and to have a caring attitude to one’s surroundings is crucial for everyone’s wellbeing. Go Team Wellbeing will help your team members to develop and enhance these qualities.

Go Team Wellbeing is specifically created to help you create an “emotionally intelligent office” and to sustain high-performance teams. The skills and knowledge that participants gain will help them both at work and in personal life and will have a long-lasting effect after the event. Go Team Wellbeing trains participants on how to make their strengths beneficial to the whole team. Team members develop skills for smoother and positive communication with colleagues. The programme helps them create a positive emotional environment and thus to facilitate more effective work processes. Go Team Wellbeing helps your team members to be more confident, to stay calm and energetic. It encourages them to focus on the fact that they are the creators of their lifestyle and future.

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