FreshBiz helps teams to learn how to play a smarter game in business and in life in less than 3 hours. Set up as a business simulation, the true learning of the method can be used in every aspect of life.

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Key Outcomes

  • Strategic thinking

  • Negotiation skills

  • Collaboration

  • Creative thinking

how it works

Through its game-based learning, participants travel through the game on a mission to win, while gaining skills, understandings and strategies that not only help them to achieve the goals in the game, but also to excel in their lives. The game works on the development of thinking patterns for solving business issues demanding participants to generate, identify and leverage opportunities. In the FreshBiz game, participants are challenged to consider their personal patterns, belief systems and habits and whether they serve them well. 

learning outcomes

FreshBiz changes the way its participants play their business and life by simulating and then practicing new, creative methods of entrepreneurial thinking, and problem solving to achieve their most vital goals. The game-based workshops are fun and insightful, and according to thousands of our global participants, it has a lasting effect on how they generate opportunities, zoom out, & create smarter partnerships.

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