Countdown to Christmas

Advent calendar style reveal of festive cultural appreciation.

Countdown to Christmas

Key Outcomes

  • Problem Solving

  • Team Dynamics

  • Mindfulness

  • Team Bonding

how it works

Countdown to Christmas is a fun team building quiz featuring locals from different parts of the world giving authentic festive greetings and fascinating facts about local festive celebrations. This tech-based activity can be played either via our bespoke designed app or via browser. Just like an advent calendar, players are presented with a wintery scene with hidden doors. Players open the doors on the advent calendar each one revealing a video from different parts of the globe. The video host gives interesting cultural facts on end-of-year celebrations in their part of the world. Players use this information to answer challenges that are timed, requiring rapid response, putting listening and interpretation skills to the test.

learning outcomes

Countdown to Christmas encourages cultural inclusion through development of awareness and understanding. It fosters appreciation for cultures different to ones own. Participants hone their listening and interpretation skills as they progress through the game. Timed challenges require players to think on their feet and answer in a timely manner, keeping the festive ferver running high! Choose to play as a team with aggregate points determining the winner or, each player can play alone, assisting other players along the way and culminating in a shared discussion of the experience together. Versatile in its approach, Countdown to Christmas can be played as a 30 minute fun energiser or alternatively it can be played advent calendar-style, one question per day on the approach to Christmas!

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