Chain Reaction Table Top

Chain reaction gives teams an opportunity to experience the Rube Goldberg machine’s logic where simple and small parts create something impressive when put together.

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Key Outcomes

  • Problem solving

  • Managing resources

  • Strategic thinking

  • Communication

how it works

In Chain Reaction Table Top, teams are supplied with a game board and a set of detailed idea cards which they discuss with their group. They share these ideas with other teams to develop a strategy for their overall contraption. Each team designs, builds and tests a number of simple machines. They join them together and retest. Next they join their series of simple machines to the next team’s simple machines and work together to ensure it flows from one to the next. Once the contraption is complete and tested, in a grand finale the device is triggered and cascades through each of the simple machines.

learning outcomes

Chain Reaction develops a true sense of common purpose and a memorable shared experience when efforts are rewarded with success. Collaboration between the teams to share knowledge and resources is imperative to success and to extend the limits of creativity. Teams work to develop a common vision, developing a shared strategy which they put into place by applying excellent project and resource management skills. Successful teams understand the task, assess available resources, make a rough plan and then throughout construction, they appraise, and accordingly adapt and modify their initial plan. In the testing stages teams learn to be persistent in the face of difficulty with an eye for detail in working towards excellence. 

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