Chain reaction - remote

Participants create a series of chain reaction video clips that are joined together to make an elaborate chain reaction video.

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Key Outcomes

  • Supports strategic planning

  • Develops networking skills

  • Time management

  • Inspires creativity and fun

how it works

Participants are guided into discussion by our expert moderators to decide the order of the chain reaction, common themes and required props. Participants then consider their neigh-bours in the chain reaction, find creative ways to connect different sections and start drafting their tracks. Individually, each participant then creates their own chain reactions, considering the connections with neighbours in the track. After the videos are sent to our team, the final video will be assembled and presented shortly after to everyone’s amazement of collaboration and skill!

learning outcomes

Successful teams understand the task, assess  available resources and communicate effectively  to make a construction plan. Throughout  construction, participants appraise, adapt and modify  their initial plan drawing on creativity and a collaborative process to make the most of available resources. Collaboration between the indivduals to share knowledge and ideas is imperative to success and to extend  the limits of creativity and working towards  excellence. The finaal video is proof of the team’s creativity, collaboration and communication.

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